How to become a Mason

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The United Grand Lodge of Portugal wants a new generation of Freemasons to serve Portugal and, through these Men, to transmit its principles and values.
The Principle and Primary Objective of the United Grand Lodge of Portugal is Regularity - which aims to recover landmarks as well as the principles and values ​​of regular Freemasonry in all its virtue.
The United Grand Lodge of Portugal, being a Regular Grand Lodge, strives for the transmission of the effective practice of its basic principles - justice, freedom of thought, solidarity, fraternity, truth and honesty, by its members. Thus, this is a Grand Lodge that seeks and works for the recovery of tradition, in its purity guiding the actions and conduct of the respective members, who are also intended to be men of integrity, free and of good manners, decontaminated from the vices and bad practices of society. The United Grand Lodge of Portugal, through its actions thus aims to spread its values ​​and principles to current and future generations.

How to enter | How to be Freemason
Adherence to Freemasonry and the United Grand Lodge of Portugal must be based on a free, responsible individual decision of each candidate, whom we call profane.
Freemasonry does not practice any kind of interference, so any entry application must emanate from an expressed will and an inner conviction of the candidate himself.
The United Grand Lodge of Portugal is an institution absolutely open to all those interested in knowing more about Freemasonry, whether out of simple curiosity or because they admit the possibility of requesting their membership and admission. We consider that it is recommended and desirable that the candidate has sufficient knowledge about the principles and purposes of Freemasonry to be able to make a free and reasoned decision.

Requirements to be Freemason
Any candidate who wishes to belong to Freemasonry, will have to meet the following three requirements:
1.Being a FREE citizen, since the candidacy for initiation in Freemasonry, presupposes an innate individual freedom, without any kind of pressure , influence, dependence, of any kind or of any circumstance that cuts this freedom.
2. To be a citizen of GOOD CUSTOMS, that is to say, worthy of trust, honored in his private, social life, in the way he works, and in good standing.
3. BELIEVE IN THE EXISTENCE OF A SUPERIOR AND CREATIVE PRINCIPLE, the candidate must believe in a Higher Entity, in a Creator Principle of the entire Universe, which is commonly called God, and that Freemasons, always respecting the freedom of the individual before any particular belief, they call Great Architect of the Universe.
To be a Mason, you must still be a Man and have reached the age of majority. Please note that there is no restriction on the candidate's nationality, social group or religion.

The candidate for Freemason must be able to understand the Order's philosophical concepts and have a "science, art, craft, or performance" as expressed in the Order's ancient dictates.

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